The former products such as handbags, wallets, watches, sunglasses, sunglasses, scarves, shoes, boots, and jewelry including earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings and brooches were determined by a U.S. Federal District Court to have been replica goods. The Judge ordered the store closed, pay an amount of over $1,600,000.00 in damages, and the domain to be transferred immediately from the former owners and operators over to CHANEL.


Authentic CHANEL Value

The treasured value of an original CHANEL masterpiece is rooted in more than just having the object of beauty. The authentic CHANEL has a definite iconic history, an important story behind it, a positive personal impression, and the miraculous act of creation behind the final result.

CHANEL 2.55 bag classic not_a_replica

Replica Chanel Value

A copy does not have the same history if it has any at all. A fake will probably not have any importance. An imitation won't make a good impression. A replica Chanel purse or replica Chanel watch will never own the same exquisite detailing of the meticulous artisan's dexterity and creativity. Real value can be found in the authentic CHANEL, and not in a replica.

A knockoff 2.55 Chanel handbag will not bring the value, satisfaction and happiness of the genuine will. The clear choice for an informed consumer is to skip replicas all together and reach for the genuine.

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